as the shining sun lazily,

waked up with the sweaty sweat

a beautiful face opened up my eyes lovingly

beautiful lips smiled at my worn and my shabby

and said a beautiful word warmly

GOD, thanks for this beauty

slightly longer

when the sun was almost completely submerged,

She’s still glowing, light on my long life.

Take my bloodless hand and accompany me through it all

Brighten my twilight

GOD, thanks for the light

when the misery came,

tears run down my face in the scary night

She hugged me with her gentle hands lovingly

Held me, and took me out from the deep pain

gently caress with tenderness

GOD, thanks for the gentle hands

Why she always cry to make me smile?

Let herself to dying, just to see me alive.

Let herself hungry, just to see me be a champion

GOD, thanks for giving me a great gift, my MOM…!!!!

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